It’s been a very busy week for me at work.
ACORN 1.0 is nearing it’s development completion, and there is still
much to do before we hit the QA cycle.  Been working some overtime to
try and make our July 31st deadline.

Work on the rental house continues.  Tenants always find something
that needs to be fixed or addressed.  I am learning that my instant
responses to their request is overkill, and a waste of my energy.
This rental property is suppose to be passive income, not active
income.  Must delegate to my property manager.

We are into week 3 of my move in with my fiancee.  Living with someone
other than family takes some getting use to.  At first it was
stressful as I was trying too hard to match our schedules.  It turned
out this is not necessary nor is it desired, as we both have our own
lives and obligations.

On to the weekly goals:
I must admit this past week has been a bit weak on the exercising.  I
realized this is due to my schedule.  I’ve been sleeping way too late,
and as a result this drains my willpower.  To correct this issue, I
will sleep before midnight each day, stopping all activities 1/2 an
hour before.

Previous weeks goals:
1) Workout 1/2 hour each day (3/7, I ended up driving a few days of
the week, and missed out on my regular workout)
2) Meaningful conversations (5/7, was pretty good at taking the time
to talk to people each day)
3) Learning leadership (5/7, managed to listen to audiobooks most of the days)

This weeks process goals:
1) Stick to workout on app, bike each work day.
2) One meaningful conversation each day.
3) Listen to audiobook each day

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