Weekly Process Goals

Another week is upon us.  This last week has been super busy.  At work, we have successfully implemented the Four Disciplines of Execution (4DX).  It has made a great impact on the progress for ACORN.  This week I hope to commit the team to an under 100 bugs goal.

As for my personal life, Winnie and I have finally taken our engagement photos.  Thankfully the weather on Monday was the best we could hope for, so I’m confident the photos will turn out great.

As for weekly progress.  Last week was decent, but missed one of the goals of finding a new venture to invest in.  Instead I spent a significant amount of time working on the house.  Repaired 2 major leaks (Note if any of you ever have leaks something like http://www.rustoleum.com/product-catalog/industrial-brands/high-performance/specialty-products/Leak-Seal-Tape/, could save much cash), added a vent, small repairs, and pulled out a bunch of weeds.

To deal with my tenant issue, I’ve started a new mental strategy.  Went out and bought 3 baseball caps of different colours.  Because they were world cup hats, they also have a country associated with them.  The orange hat Netherlands represents team work.  I leave it at work, to remind myself that I’m here to work as a team to get things done.  To think as problems as a whole, not as parts.  I have a german hat, for when I’m a landlord, to be ruthlessly efficient at solving the issue, and not to take bullshit from tenants and contractors.  Finally I got a white cap, representing England, I leave this one at home.  To remind myself to always be a gentlemen.
Last weeks goals:
1) Workout daily, bike or weight train (5/7)
2) Post daily to wattpad until book is done (5/7)
3) Invest in new venture. (Failed, didn’t fine new venture to invest in)
Business Adventures
This weeks goals:
1) Workout daily, bike or workout at lunch
2) Post daily to wattpad
3) Focus on career next steps
Finish reading:
Business Adventures
What are your goals this week?  Where are you trying to go?
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