Weekly Process Goals: September 2nd 2014

Hey Everyone,

Another busy week has past.  Been a bit too serious lately, and decided this long weekend was a good one to unwind with some cartoons.  (I recommend American Dad, Teen Titan’s Go, and Space Dandy).

In terms of process goals, I was pretty successful.  I wanted to remind everyone why we are doing these process goals.

Often times we want to reach what we call a “Lag” goal.  For example, lose 20 pounds.  A goal that is too big to accomplish or track.  It’s really hard to reach these goals, as what we do day to day may or may not impact that outcome.

The key is to create lead goals, goals that impact that lag goal if you do them little by little each day. For example measure calorie intake for each meal.  By doing this daily action, you are more likely to reach that end goal you are striving for.

That being said here are my goals last week:
1) Workout daily. (5/7, slipped a few days, but will be back on schedule again this week)
2) Meaningful conversation this week (Managed to talk about families 3/7 of the days, need to be more active and connect)
3) Create each day. 30 minutes (5/7, pretty good overall, need to keep at it)

Previous book:
Your life your legacy

This weeks goals:
1) Lag goal, reach physical weight of 175 pounds, 10% body fat.
Lead goal, workout daily, 30 minutes, eat diet low in white starchy carbs
2) Lag goal, have strong relationships with 50 people.
Lead goal, have a meaningful conversation with 2 people each day, encourage them to do the same.
3) Lag goal, create wealth that generates $10,000 per month automatically
Lead goal, create each day, both through writing and coding 30 minutes
Current book:
Four disciplines of execution

Let me know what your lead and lag goals are, so I can help you be accountable.


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