Weekly Process Goals, September 22

Often times we set lofty goals for ourselves and we fall short.  But
it’s important to remember to not be so hard on ourselves.

Sure in your head your saying, “if I’m not hard on myself I’ll just
slack even more”.  It turns out that yelling at yourself produces the
opposite effect.

Research has shown when you yell at yourself, you are more likely to
continue doing the habit that you are trying to correct.  The reason
this happens is because you brain is trying to protect you.  It tries
to make you feel better after you have told yourself how disappointed
you are with your lack of self control.

Often the fastest way to make you feel better is to continue doing the
action that causes the disappointment.

The cure to this is to imagine yourself as a mentor to someone much
younger.  Would you tell them they are a disappointment if they failed
to reach their goals?  Of course not.  You would likely give them
encouragement, let them know that people fall off the wagon sometimes,
that’s normal.  The key is to get back on after you fall off.  That’s
the character trait that gets you to where you want to go in life.

Previous week’s goals:
1) No starchy whites this week. (3/7, this is pretty tough, takes
complete focus, will try again for this week)
2) Post daily to wattpad, no excuses (5/7 did so most days)
3) Buy Alibaba stock (Bought in, going to hold for a while)

This weeks goals:
1) Work out daily, bike or weight train
2) Post daily to wattpad until book is done
3) Invest in new venture.

Best of luck on your process goals.

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