Weekly Process Goals: October 13th, 2014

Sorry about the late reply.

Holidays throw me off my rhythm.  It’s important to keep up the daily disciplines and goals regardless of holidays or interruptions.  Of course this is easier said then done.  Reminding yourself why these goals are important can help get you back on track.

Last week was relatively unsuccessful in terms of reaching my goals.  Lately I’ve been unable to find much motivation to rip into the problems that have their hooks into me.  My health goals don’t seem all that important to me at this time.  The root of this is that when you have health, you don’t feel the need to maintain it.

This week I took a mental timeout to try and regain the determination and focus I once had.  I isolated myself a few hours before bed, to really try to discover the missing piece of myself.  Unfortunately I ended up falling asleep.  However I did get a good mental break, that allowed me to sleep soundly.

As for my missing motivation, I need to get around some more people with passion, so that I can ignite the passion back in my life.

Last weeks goals:
1) Workout daily, attempt lunch time workout 2 this week. (0/2 for workout, 4/7 for bike riding)
2) Post to wattpad daily (6/7 days)
3) Brush up coding skills daily (5/7 pretty successful)

Slicing Pie (been talking about it to whoever will listen)
This week:
1) Workout daily. Get membership at heart house?
2) Post to wattpad daily
3) Secure next gig
Currently reading:
War and Peace (2.5 hours remaining)
Good luck with your goals this week!


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