Weekly Process Goals: Feb 9

Hey All,

Sorry for missing the email last week.  Had to re-evaluate the value
of this email.  I use this email to keep you all in the loop of my
life, and as a tool to hear about how things are going in your life as

Often times we hear advice, or criticism and we take it to heart.  It
will cause us to stop doing an action or to waste energy internally
debating and thinking over the words.  The worst kind is the kind that
stops you from proceeding in a set discipline or goal you set for

There are a few ways to counter this criticism, but I will focus on
the one way that works the best for me.  Forgiveness.  It sounds
hokey, it seems like if we forgive we are giving that person
permission or even condoning that action.  This is not the case.
Forgiveness is a selfish act, that can be done in private, all by
yourself.  It allows you to completely and utterly let the issue go.
For example I phrase it in this way, “I forgive [person_name] for
doing [action] to me, it doesn’t matter if it’s intentional or not, I
just forgive him/her completely”.

The surprising thing is it works.  It whips the slate clean, and it
actually enables you to interact with that person again.  If they are
to repeat that action, then you are in a stronger position to correct
them, as the original shock of the action is gone, and the issue is
something you’ve completely dealt with before.

Enough ranting, on to the process goals!

Last week:
1) Running, 0, No running at all, instead I did yoga for 3/7 days.
Seeing as the half marathon is 80 days away, I must get back into the
running a 2-3 KM per weekday and 7-10 on weekends.
2) Posting to wattpad, 5/7, have reached 27K reads, actually converted
to a few sales.  Will continue, should be done the book by the time
the marathon come around.  Reading my writing after so long I find
myself saying, “Damn I was much wiser back then … “.
3) Code/Read, I squeezed in some coding on my new project KUS, which
I’ll share with you all in the coming weeks.  As for reading, I’ve
finish Zero to One, and started relistening to John C Maxwell.

This week:
1) Running, get back into the Yoga
2) Post to wattpad, and listen to audiobooks daily
3) Code daily, either at work or at home

Book this week:
Capital in the 21 Century (Great book, I highly recommend it as it is
a data driven approach to looking at economics of the last 200 years)

What are your process goals this week?

Let me know!

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