Important vs Urgent

There aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything.

In life you must identify what is important and what is urgent.

Important things are like paying your bills on time, spending time with love ones, and doing the task that will push you towards the goals that you have set out to accomplish.

Urgent things are items that show up suddenly, like a co-worker wanting to chat, a complaining customer, another meeting to discuss a change.

Many urgent things masquerade as important things, and distract you from what you actually need to get done.

Fortunately there is a solution to dealing with the urgent and unimportant task.  Simply say “NO” to them.

At first it may feel odd to say no, you may feel that you are letting people down, or not being a team player.

However if we were to use a sports analogy, if you are a goalie, you can’t be expected to go out of your way to try and help score a goal.  You have to do what’s important, which is guarding the net, not go to what’s urgent at the time, an attempt to score.

Can you imagine if the goalie came out to help with the scoring process every time there is an attempt?  This would be disastrous.

Stick to the task that are most important, and that only you can get done.  Let others handle the rest.


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