How to create kick ass invoices for free

I started to create my own invoices about 7 years ago.  I remember the first invoice I made was with Excel.  I downloaded a template online, and filled it in with the utmost care.

Now a days, due to my mobile nature, I am rarely in one spot.  Access across all my different computers is key, so I’ve moved on to using Google Docs instead, currently named Google Drive.  Same idea as the Excel version, but allows me to save as PDF on all platforms without custom software.  It also saves all the files into one place where it’s easy to sort and find things.

This however was not a perfect solution either.  I found myself fumbling through many sheets for tallies, and also losing track of invoices.  Often time, it would just be the same invoice, so I would clone it, and miss some key fields, such as the correct billing dates.

This lead me to discover Invoice Machine, this web application does a great job tallying up your invoices and keeping them organized.  It looks like a mac application, and is pretty easy to use.  My only complaint is the cost.  I felt it was a good app, but I felt it wasn’t solving that big of a pain point to justify the reoccurring cost.

Today I discovered Invoice Ninja, this is an equally polished invoice application and it’s completely FREE.

I question how Invoice Ninja makes money.  Also is my client data private?  I think this could be an awesome way for someone to gather the running total of all the cost of contracts, and the average cost of a task.  Though one may argue that Elance, an outsourcing site, would have just as good of a picture.

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