The First Step

When one take a journey that is a thousand steps, how does one begin?

Every journey that is worth taking begins with the first step.  Welcome to Swimming With Asian Sharks, a community of entrepreneurs that want to learn the tricks of dealing with executive level business in Asia.

I am your humble guide to the process.  I’ve worked on over 9 business in Asia, and have been to countless executive level business interactions as an executive assistant, director, even as a partner.  In my journey I have witnessed many people get bitten, been bitten and have learnt to bite back.

In this blog we will discuss the psychology and cultural aspects of playing business at the highest level to give you an edge.

We will cover business topics and technology, as those are core to the changing business landscape.

Welcome once again, and remember to practice that front crawl, because you need to know how to swim before you learn to hunt.

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