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Often times I will recommend a book to a friend to help solve a problem they are facing.  9 out of 10 times they will reply with some excuse about not having the time.

I used to reply the same way.  Until I discovered audiobooks.  Audiobooks are awesome, because I am a slow reader, and it takes me weeks to finish a book.  But with an audiobook, it only takes a few hours.

Lately I’ve been doing 3 hour drives to visit my friend on the weekends.  It’s a total of 6 hours there and back.  Normally this is a lot of wasted time.  Now I can use this time to finish a short book.

I’ve also found that audiobooks can be great for training a new language as well.  I’ve been using the Pimsleur system to learn mandarin.  I went from practically no mandarin to conversational in about 6 months.  Just half an hour a day during my morning commute was all I needed.

When I graduated university I had the impression I was done learning.  I thought I had all the knowledge needed for the rest of my life.  It took almost 2 and a half years for me to realize that I didn’t know anything.

Having a degree doesn’t mean you can stop learning.  I can safely say that all of my recent accomplishments had little to do with my university education.  In fact, if I had spent those 4 years just reading books that would help me get to where I needed to be, I could have saved thousands of dollars.

If you want to get anywhere in life, you have to read.  I’m going to paraphrase Will Smith’s quote, there have been billions people before you.  It is highly unlikely the problem you are facing right now is completely original.  If there is a solution to that problem, it is likely in a book.

Do what it takes to get the education you need, as it is the only thing you truly own.

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