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Speed reading app

There is a great application called “Spritz” that increases your reading speed exponentially.

I have always struggled to read anything quickly.  I average about 10 pages per hour or 83 hours per minute.  I find I have to say the word out loud in my head before I can process it.

Using the app I was able to read at 500 words per minute.  Over 5 times increase in speed.

Often when I tired other speed reading techniques or programs, I don’t actually retain anything I have read.  But with Spritz, I find I can actually recall the content.

You can try the app out on their website.  I went to the science page and was able to read the entire thing in under a minute, and could spew the facts of the page to a co-worker.

Eventually they will have this app running on wrist watches, eye wear like google glass, or even rings like the smarty ring.

Though I question how comfortable it is to read text with only one eye.


51% is all you need to destroy bitcoin

Some of you may have heard of the currency Bitcoin, a digital currency that is created by a network of computers.  These computers act as verifiers to ensure that the coin is mined correctly and that transactions are valid.

Because the task of mining a Bitcoin is computationally large, there are organizations called pools that group a team of miners together.  These miners of Bitcoins work together to generate new Bitcoins. Whe a coin is successfunlly generated by the pool, it is split amongst the miners, usually based on their computational efforts.

Recently one such pool, is getting very close to collecting a majority of the miners.  This can be a problem because if a pool or a miner makes up 51% or more of the total computational power for mining and reviewing the transactions, they are able to do many things that normally would not be possible.

Bitcoin relays on trust. When you make a transaction, or mine a coin, it is verified by the network. If the majority of the network says that the transaction or coins are good, then it is accepted into the ledger.  If an agent has 51% of the network, they are always the majority, as a result, they can, at least in theory, accept and reject transactions as they please.  This means they can reject coins that are mined outside of the network, effectively mining all coins.  They could even rewrite history: if a transaction has happened, they can reverse the transaction at a later date.

If anyone reaches 51% they gain a lot of power, and there is no regulatory body to enforce that they will play nice.  This means that the Bitcoin can lose it’s value overnight, as people will not be able to trust doing transactions anymore.

Just food for thought for those people looking to do their own mining or dumping cash on investing.


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The First Step

When one take a journey that is a thousand steps, how does one begin?

Every journey that is worth taking begins with the first step.  Welcome to Swimming With Asian Sharks, a community of entrepreneurs that want to learn the tricks of dealing with executive level business in Asia.

I am your humble guide to the process.  I’ve worked on over 9 business in Asia, and have been to countless executive level business interactions as an executive assistant, director, even as a partner.  In my journey I have witnessed many people get bitten, been bitten and have learnt to bite back.

In this blog we will discuss the psychology and cultural aspects of playing business at the highest level to give you an edge.

We will cover business topics and technology, as those are core to the changing business landscape.

Welcome once again, and remember to practice that front crawl, because you need to know how to swim before you learn to hunt.

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