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Weekly Process Goals: October 13th, 2014

Sorry about the late reply.

Holidays throw me off my rhythm.  It’s important to keep up the daily disciplines and goals regardless of holidays or interruptions.  Of course this is easier said then done.  Reminding yourself why these goals are important can help get you back on track.

Last week was relatively unsuccessful in terms of reaching my goals.  Lately I’ve been unable to find much motivation to rip into the problems that have their hooks into me.  My health goals don’t seem all that important to me at this time.  The root of this is that when you have health, you don’t feel the need to maintain it.

This week I took a mental timeout to try and regain the determination and focus I once had.  I isolated myself a few hours before bed, to really try to discover the missing piece of myself.  Unfortunately I ended up falling asleep.  However I did get a good mental break, that allowed me to sleep soundly.

As for my missing motivation, I need to get around some more people with passion, so that I can ignite the passion back in my life.

Last weeks goals:
1) Workout daily, attempt lunch time workout 2 this week. (0/2 for workout, 4/7 for bike riding)
2) Post to wattpad daily (6/7 days)
3) Brush up coding skills daily (5/7 pretty successful)

Slicing Pie (been talking about it to whoever will listen)
This week:
1) Workout daily. Get membership at heart house?
2) Post to wattpad daily
3) Secure next gig
Currently reading:
War and Peace (2.5 hours remaining)
Good luck with your goals this week!



Weekly Process Goals: October 6th, 2014

There are 3 types of knowledge.  Knowledge you have and know, knowledge you don’t have but know about, and knowledge you don’t know that you don’t know that you don’t know.

What you don’t know you don’t know is the biggest of this pool.  After reading “Business Adventures” I can safely say I know a bit more about what I don’t know anything about.

I highly recommend it to those of you that are interested in the way the world works.

Currently I’m reading “Slicing Pie”, an interesting book on how to assign equity in a startup.  Many of my startups have failed because of partnership issues.  Usually this is because of the system we used to govern the partnership.

At bare minimum never do 50/50. Vest shares help too.

This week has been very interesting.  4DX continues, and we have handed out our first rewards for QA work.  As for my process goals, at the advice of one of my co-workers, I’ll have to change the way I am dealing with my workouts.  Lunch time workouts maybe the answer.

I’ve also resolved to have mini get togethers at the apartment to reconnect with some old friends, and to solidify existing friendships.

Last weeks goals:
1) Workout daily, bike or workout at lunch (5/7, biking, not getting much results, going to switch to lunch time workout)
2) Post daily to wattpad (5/7, getting featured on Wattpad soon, so very successful so far)
3) Focus on career next steps (Had some conversations with the right people, need to decide on what I want to do for the next 5 years)

Business Adventures
This weeks goals:
1) Workout daily, attempt lunch time workout 2 this week.
2) Post to wattpad daily
3) Brush up coding skills daily
Currently reading:
Slicing Pie
Thanks for all your updates, keep it up!

Weekly Process Goals

Another week is upon us.  This last week has been super busy.  At work, we have successfully implemented the Four Disciplines of Execution (4DX).  It has made a great impact on the progress for ACORN.  This week I hope to commit the team to an under 100 bugs goal.

As for my personal life, Winnie and I have finally taken our engagement photos.  Thankfully the weather on Monday was the best we could hope for, so I’m confident the photos will turn out great.

As for weekly progress.  Last week was decent, but missed one of the goals of finding a new venture to invest in.  Instead I spent a significant amount of time working on the house.  Repaired 2 major leaks (Note if any of you ever have leaks something like, could save much cash), added a vent, small repairs, and pulled out a bunch of weeds.

To deal with my tenant issue, I’ve started a new mental strategy.  Went out and bought 3 baseball caps of different colours.  Because they were world cup hats, they also have a country associated with them.  The orange hat Netherlands represents team work.  I leave it at work, to remind myself that I’m here to work as a team to get things done.  To think as problems as a whole, not as parts.  I have a german hat, for when I’m a landlord, to be ruthlessly efficient at solving the issue, and not to take bullshit from tenants and contractors.  Finally I got a white cap, representing England, I leave this one at home.  To remind myself to always be a gentlemen.
Last weeks goals:
1) Workout daily, bike or weight train (5/7)
2) Post daily to wattpad until book is done (5/7)
3) Invest in new venture. (Failed, didn’t fine new venture to invest in)
Business Adventures
This weeks goals:
1) Workout daily, bike or workout at lunch
2) Post daily to wattpad
3) Focus on career next steps
Finish reading:
Business Adventures
What are your goals this week?  Where are you trying to go?
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