Weekly Process Goals: Feb 9

Hey All,

Sorry for missing the email last week.  Had to re-evaluate the value
of this email.  I use this email to keep you all in the loop of my
life, and as a tool to hear about how things are going in your life as

Often times we hear advice, or criticism and we take it to heart.  It
will cause us to stop doing an action or to waste energy internally
debating and thinking over the words.  The worst kind is the kind that
stops you from proceeding in a set discipline or goal you set for

There are a few ways to counter this criticism, but I will focus on
the one way that works the best for me.  Forgiveness.  It sounds
hokey, it seems like if we forgive we are giving that person
permission or even condoning that action.  This is not the case.
Forgiveness is a selfish act, that can be done in private, all by
yourself.  It allows you to completely and utterly let the issue go.
For example I phrase it in this way, “I forgive [person_name] for
doing [action] to me, it doesn’t matter if it’s intentional or not, I
just forgive him/her completely”.

The surprising thing is it works.  It whips the slate clean, and it
actually enables you to interact with that person again.  If they are
to repeat that action, then you are in a stronger position to correct
them, as the original shock of the action is gone, and the issue is
something you’ve completely dealt with before.

Enough ranting, on to the process goals!

Last week:
1) Running, 0, No running at all, instead I did yoga for 3/7 days.
Seeing as the half marathon is 80 days away, I must get back into the
running a 2-3 KM per weekday and 7-10 on weekends.
2) Posting to wattpad, 5/7, have reached 27K reads, actually converted
to a few sales.  Will continue, should be done the book by the time
the marathon come around.  Reading my writing after so long I find
myself saying, “Damn I was much wiser back then … “.
3) Code/Read, I squeezed in some coding on my new project KUS, which
I’ll share with you all in the coming weeks.  As for reading, I’ve
finish Zero to One, and started relistening to John C Maxwell.

This week:
1) Running, get back into the Yoga
2) Post to wattpad, and listen to audiobooks daily
3) Code daily, either at work or at home

Book this week:
Capital in the 21 Century (Great book, I highly recommend it as it is
a data driven approach to looking at economics of the last 200 years)

What are your process goals this week?

Let me know!


Weekly Process Goals: October 13th, 2014

Sorry about the late reply.

Holidays throw me off my rhythm.  It’s important to keep up the daily disciplines and goals regardless of holidays or interruptions.  Of course this is easier said then done.  Reminding yourself why these goals are important can help get you back on track.

Last week was relatively unsuccessful in terms of reaching my goals.  Lately I’ve been unable to find much motivation to rip into the problems that have their hooks into me.  My health goals don’t seem all that important to me at this time.  The root of this is that when you have health, you don’t feel the need to maintain it.

This week I took a mental timeout to try and regain the determination and focus I once had.  I isolated myself a few hours before bed, to really try to discover the missing piece of myself.  Unfortunately I ended up falling asleep.  However I did get a good mental break, that allowed me to sleep soundly.

As for my missing motivation, I need to get around some more people with passion, so that I can ignite the passion back in my life.

Last weeks goals:
1) Workout daily, attempt lunch time workout 2 this week. (0/2 for workout, 4/7 for bike riding)
2) Post to wattpad daily (6/7 days)
3) Brush up coding skills daily (5/7 pretty successful)

Slicing Pie (been talking about it to whoever will listen)
This week:
1) Workout daily. Get membership at heart house?
2) Post to wattpad daily
3) Secure next gig
Currently reading:
War and Peace (2.5 hours remaining)
Good luck with your goals this week!



Weekly Process Goals: October 6th, 2014

There are 3 types of knowledge.  Knowledge you have and know, knowledge you don’t have but know about, and knowledge you don’t know that you don’t know that you don’t know.

What you don’t know you don’t know is the biggest of this pool.  After reading “Business Adventures” I can safely say I know a bit more about what I don’t know anything about.

I highly recommend it to those of you that are interested in the way the world works.

Currently I’m reading “Slicing Pie”, an interesting book on how to assign equity in a startup.  Many of my startups have failed because of partnership issues.  Usually this is because of the system we used to govern the partnership.

At bare minimum never do 50/50. Vest shares help too.

This week has been very interesting.  4DX continues, and we have handed out our first rewards for QA work.  As for my process goals, at the advice of one of my co-workers, I’ll have to change the way I am dealing with my workouts.  Lunch time workouts maybe the answer.

I’ve also resolved to have mini get togethers at the apartment to reconnect with some old friends, and to solidify existing friendships.

Last weeks goals:
1) Workout daily, bike or workout at lunch (5/7, biking, not getting much results, going to switch to lunch time workout)
2) Post daily to wattpad (5/7, getting featured on Wattpad soon, so very successful so far)
3) Focus on career next steps (Had some conversations with the right people, need to decide on what I want to do for the next 5 years)

Business Adventures
This weeks goals:
1) Workout daily, attempt lunch time workout 2 this week.
2) Post to wattpad daily
3) Brush up coding skills daily
Currently reading:
Slicing Pie
Thanks for all your updates, keep it up!

Weekly Process Goals

Another week is upon us.  This last week has been super busy.  At work, we have successfully implemented the Four Disciplines of Execution (4DX).  It has made a great impact on the progress for ACORN.  This week I hope to commit the team to an under 100 bugs goal.

As for my personal life, Winnie and I have finally taken our engagement photos.  Thankfully the weather on Monday was the best we could hope for, so I’m confident the photos will turn out great.

As for weekly progress.  Last week was decent, but missed one of the goals of finding a new venture to invest in.  Instead I spent a significant amount of time working on the house.  Repaired 2 major leaks (Note if any of you ever have leaks something like http://www.rustoleum.com/product-catalog/industrial-brands/high-performance/specialty-products/Leak-Seal-Tape/, could save much cash), added a vent, small repairs, and pulled out a bunch of weeds.

To deal with my tenant issue, I’ve started a new mental strategy.  Went out and bought 3 baseball caps of different colours.  Because they were world cup hats, they also have a country associated with them.  The orange hat Netherlands represents team work.  I leave it at work, to remind myself that I’m here to work as a team to get things done.  To think as problems as a whole, not as parts.  I have a german hat, for when I’m a landlord, to be ruthlessly efficient at solving the issue, and not to take bullshit from tenants and contractors.  Finally I got a white cap, representing England, I leave this one at home.  To remind myself to always be a gentlemen.
Last weeks goals:
1) Workout daily, bike or weight train (5/7)
2) Post daily to wattpad until book is done (5/7)
3) Invest in new venture. (Failed, didn’t fine new venture to invest in)
Business Adventures
This weeks goals:
1) Workout daily, bike or workout at lunch
2) Post daily to wattpad
3) Focus on career next steps
Finish reading:
Business Adventures
What are your goals this week?  Where are you trying to go?

Weekly Process Goals, September 22

Often times we set lofty goals for ourselves and we fall short.  But
it’s important to remember to not be so hard on ourselves.

Sure in your head your saying, “if I’m not hard on myself I’ll just
slack even more”.  It turns out that yelling at yourself produces the
opposite effect.

Research has shown when you yell at yourself, you are more likely to
continue doing the habit that you are trying to correct.  The reason
this happens is because you brain is trying to protect you.  It tries
to make you feel better after you have told yourself how disappointed
you are with your lack of self control.

Often the fastest way to make you feel better is to continue doing the
action that causes the disappointment.

The cure to this is to imagine yourself as a mentor to someone much
younger.  Would you tell them they are a disappointment if they failed
to reach their goals?  Of course not.  You would likely give them
encouragement, let them know that people fall off the wagon sometimes,
that’s normal.  The key is to get back on after you fall off.  That’s
the character trait that gets you to where you want to go in life.

Previous week’s goals:
1) No starchy whites this week. (3/7, this is pretty tough, takes
complete focus, will try again for this week)
2) Post daily to wattpad, no excuses (5/7 did so most days)
3) Buy Alibaba stock (Bought in, going to hold for a while)

This weeks goals:
1) Work out daily, bike or weight train
2) Post daily to wattpad until book is done
3) Invest in new venture.

Best of luck on your process goals.


Weekly Process Goals, September 8th, 2014


Sleep is very important.  Getting a good nights sleep is the key to having a productive day.  In fact, I believe if you don’t catch up on sleep, you end up with an unproductive week.

That being said I’ve had a pretty unproductive past week.  Need to re-establish my goals, and put in some systems to stay on track.

This article has been inspiring:


Merely having goals is good, but it’s not enough to get to the end zone.

My mentor once told me, “begin with the end in mind”.  This is sage advice, as we need to visualize where we want to be, and work backwards, setting up the systems that are needed to get to that goal.

Imagine driving to a place, and not know which roads to take.  It would be very hard.  You need to plot out a route, and even backup routes if you want to make it.

Last weeks goals:

This weeks goals:
1) Lag goal, reach physical weight of 175 pounds, 10% body fat.
Lead goal, workout daily, 30 minutes, eat diet low in white starchy carbs

-Failed at this goal this week
-Must create new system, and feedback loops
-System to manage energy level will be the goal this week.

2) Lag goal, have strong relationships with 50 people.
Lead goal, have a meaningful conversation with 2 people each day,encourage them to do the same.

-Successful, reconnected with friends this week over family gathering
-Need to schedule and systemize this event, similar to Winnie’s Aunt & Uncle, yearly BBQ for example
3) Lag goal, create wealth that generates $10,000 per month automatically
Lead goal, create each day, both through writing and coding 30 minutes

-Need to focus on what I do best.
-Invest and build up that skill set
-Systemize my movement to this

Previous book:
Four Disciplines of Execution (3/4 way through)

Key lesson, “x to y by when”.


This weeks goals:
1) Establish system for health:
Wildly Important Goal – Go from 20% to 10% body fat by June 15, 2015.
Lead measures
- eliminate white starchy foods to all but 1 serving a day
- work out each morning 15 minutes minimum, no excuses
- In bed by 11 pm 5/7 days a week.

2) Establish connections:
Wildly Important Goal – Grow network, from 750 to 1000 by June 15, 2015
Lead measures
- Post daily to Wattpad
- Learn something new about 3 person each day

3) Establish weatlh:
Wildly Important Goal – Raise automated income by $3,500 by June 15, 2015
Lead measures
- Bring a complete website up and running by end of week (New app lead measures)
- Look into re-assessment of my property by end of week
- Each day figure out how to create ~13 dollars a day re-occurring
Current Book:
Four Disciplines of Execution (Finish by end of this week, start Business Adventures)
As always let me know if you would like to be removed from the list.




Weekly Process Goals: September 2nd 2014

Hey Everyone,

Another busy week has past.  Been a bit too serious lately, and decided this long weekend was a good one to unwind with some cartoons.  (I recommend American Dad, Teen Titan’s Go, and Space Dandy).

In terms of process goals, I was pretty successful.  I wanted to remind everyone why we are doing these process goals.

Often times we want to reach what we call a “Lag” goal.  For example, lose 20 pounds.  A goal that is too big to accomplish or track.  It’s really hard to reach these goals, as what we do day to day may or may not impact that outcome.

The key is to create lead goals, goals that impact that lag goal if you do them little by little each day. For example measure calorie intake for each meal.  By doing this daily action, you are more likely to reach that end goal you are striving for.

That being said here are my goals last week:
1) Workout daily. (5/7, slipped a few days, but will be back on schedule again this week)
2) Meaningful conversation this week (Managed to talk about families 3/7 of the days, need to be more active and connect)
3) Create each day. 30 minutes (5/7, pretty good overall, need to keep at it)

Previous book:
Your life your legacy

This weeks goals:
1) Lag goal, reach physical weight of 175 pounds, 10% body fat.
Lead goal, workout daily, 30 minutes, eat diet low in white starchy carbs
2) Lag goal, have strong relationships with 50 people.
Lead goal, have a meaningful conversation with 2 people each day, encourage them to do the same.
3) Lag goal, create wealth that generates $10,000 per month automatically
Lead goal, create each day, both through writing and coding 30 minutes
Current book:
Four disciplines of execution

Let me know what your lead and lag goals are, so I can help you be accountable.



It’s been a very busy week for me at work.
ACORN 1.0 is nearing it’s development completion, and there is still
much to do before we hit the QA cycle.  Been working some overtime to
try and make our July 31st deadline.

Work on the rental house continues.  Tenants always find something
that needs to be fixed or addressed.  I am learning that my instant
responses to their request is overkill, and a waste of my energy.
This rental property is suppose to be passive income, not active
income.  Must delegate to my property manager.

We are into week 3 of my move in with my fiancee.  Living with someone
other than family takes some getting use to.  At first it was
stressful as I was trying too hard to match our schedules.  It turned
out this is not necessary nor is it desired, as we both have our own
lives and obligations.

On to the weekly goals:
I must admit this past week has been a bit weak on the exercising.  I
realized this is due to my schedule.  I’ve been sleeping way too late,
and as a result this drains my willpower.  To correct this issue, I
will sleep before midnight each day, stopping all activities 1/2 an
hour before.

Previous weeks goals:
1) Workout 1/2 hour each day (3/7, I ended up driving a few days of
the week, and missed out on my regular workout)
2) Meaningful conversations (5/7, was pretty good at taking the time
to talk to people each day)
3) Learning leadership (5/7, managed to listen to audiobooks most of the days)

This weeks process goals:
1) Stick to workout on app, bike each work day.
2) One meaningful conversation each day.
3) Listen to audiobook each day


Fear of What People Will Think

I just got back from my trip to Thailand.   Thailand is an interesting place, filled with interesting people.

Rather than talk about the trip, I wanted to talk about fear.  I have many fears.  Some I’m sure I don’t even know about.

One fear I do know about now is the fear of what people think of me.  I’m not sure when this fear came about, but it dictates the way I live my life to a great extent.

I can safely attribute my current self to this fear of what other people will think of me.  I dress a certain way, act a certain way, all because of this underlying fear.

I want to identify this fear.  What is it exactly?  Specifically it is the fear that people will think good or bad of me.  This sounds crazy, but at one point in my life, I actually feared that people would think good of me.

The fear of someone having positive thoughts towards me, come from the following thought pattern.  If they think positively of me, they will come to depend on me.  If they come to depend on me, there is a chance that I will let them down in the future.  Which in turn will lead them to think poorly of me.  Thankfully, through books and friends, I learnt to let go of this part of the fear, and just live life to the best I can.  As Benjamin Franklin wrote:

Hide not your talents, they for use were made.  What’s a sundial in the shade?

Ultimately the underlaying fear is that people will thinking negatively of me.

The question is why does this even matter?  Let’s play out a scenario currently going on in my life.  I have to move a bunch of furniture from my old apartment to the new one.  Unfortunately, due to various reasons, I am unable to book the elevator for either apartment.  Waiting to get this done as soon as possible I will find someway to move these large items.  Which means I’ll be hogging up lobby and elevator space for the people of both apartments.  This in turn will lead me to be viewed poorly by these people.  Who will in turn hold a negative impression of me.  I image at some later point in my life, there is a time I will need these people, and because of this event they will not be there for me.  For example there is a fire in the building, and they don’t warn me because I’m so ghetto.

Of course that last bit about the fire would basically never happen.  If these people are so petty as to not help someone in a moment of need, I do not care for them as people let alone what they think.

As I typed up this silly scenario, I realized it was actually very hard to come up with a negative outcome due to someone’s thoughts of me.  Maybe I won’t get promoted, or they won’t give me that contract because of what they saw.  Again these are unlikely, as most people can barely remember what they ate for breakfast let alone the actions of strangers that don’t truly affect them for long.

I believe I adopted this fear during my childhood, growing up near the projects in downtown Toronto.

My parents were the first generation to immigrate to Canada, and had little to their name.  They grew up on farms and far less “civilized” than that of downtown Toronto.  Often, they would find old discarded furniture, building supplies, cloths, what was considered garbage from the apartment complexes and houses nearby, and cart them back home.  My dad in particular was very crafty and could make any old thing into something useful for the family with glue and paint.  Often I was recruited by him to help wheel the latest treasures back to the house.  This resulted in me parading through the neighbourhood pushing trash or what appeared to be trash back and forth.  I recall many a time, that I would see schoolmates just playing in their yards, or biking around wondering what I was up to.  I felt ashamed.  But in reality I don’t recall ever hearing them say anything.  It just felt to me that there was no need to doing the pushing of this trash, and angry that I couldn’t be more like my school mates, enjoying a fun time.

As I write I realize that my school mates were not likely giving much thought to what I was doing.  Even if they had thoughts about how poor I was or thought of ways to exclude me from their activities.  These are the thoughts and actions of pre-teenagers.  Why the hell do they even matter?  Even now when I see a few people hand trucking large items, I don’t find myself thinking lowly of them.  Instead I do find myself feeling both pity and respect that they are doing what they need to do to get by, instead of sitting at a corner waiting for an handout.

The only time I can recall being ghetto and feeling very uncomfortable was at a dinner date I had with Winnie’s friends well into my twenties.  We were all dinning at a particularly expensive restaurant.  I personally felt it was out of the budget of all those attending to be enjoying the meal, and ordered for us conservatively.  This was fortunately became at the end of the night when the bill came, the couple next to me ordered way more than they could afford, the girl of the pair began to flush red and say how embarrassed she was as we were trying to figure out how to split the bill.  It was actually a trivial matter, but I see now that her pride was at stake.  Eventually it was settled and we went on our ways.

The young lady however managed to express that hot emotion of mine outwardly.  Which I believe helped me confirm that the world was also ashamed of poverty, and that of others negative feeling.

However, lets to further and try to break down what happened.  Firstly, the couple put themselves into this situation.  Similarly to my elevator moving story, I myself am to blame for the situation.  I could easily defer the moving date in my case, to a time where the bookings would align as there is no firm moving date.  The couple could have easily ordered within their budget, but they choose not to, either to show off, celebrate or simply carelessness, I will never know for sure.  Secondly, even though we are not able to avoid the situation to appear lowly in the eyes of others, what’s the big deal?  In the case of the elevator, absolute worst case is the “neighbours” follow me to my suite and report me to the condo board and get me fined.  This is highly unlikely because everyone has to move stuff, and very few people are that anal.  Even if there was one person so anal, it’s unlikely everyone involved in the chain of events, such as the property management, the condo board, are will to waste their time over something so minor.   In the case of the overly large bill, they couple could have simply asked someone at the table to help chip in.  I would have gladly helped if they asked, but instead one of them decides to get all worked up.  If they had asked for money, the worst case  that could have happened is that I may not dine with them again if I sense they were not going to return my loan.  Instead their over reaction, lead me to definitely not dine with them again, because of the awful feeling they left me.

This leads me to the feelings that surface when I consider what people will think.  Often when I try to manoeuvre away from being under the judging eyes of strangers, I ended up like that girl from the dinner.  I end up causing the people close to me grief.  In turn, really causing what I fear will happen, to actually happen.  The real fear of people not wanting to help or associate with me.

The lesson here is, as the apostle Paul wrote:

Be careful for nothing.



Important vs Urgent

There aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything.

In life you must identify what is important and what is urgent.

Important things are like paying your bills on time, spending time with love ones, and doing the task that will push you towards the goals that you have set out to accomplish.

Urgent things are items that show up suddenly, like a co-worker wanting to chat, a complaining customer, another meeting to discuss a change.

Many urgent things masquerade as important things, and distract you from what you actually need to get done.

Fortunately there is a solution to dealing with the urgent and unimportant task.  Simply say “NO” to them.

At first it may feel odd to say no, you may feel that you are letting people down, or not being a team player.

However if we were to use a sports analogy, if you are a goalie, you can’t be expected to go out of your way to try and help score a goal.  You have to do what’s important, which is guarding the net, not go to what’s urgent at the time, an attempt to score.

Can you imagine if the goalie came out to help with the scoring process every time there is an attempt?  This would be disastrous.

Stick to the task that are most important, and that only you can get done.  Let others handle the rest.


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